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Capturing lasting memories in variety of sports & physical activities off all ages ranging from a hockey game to stopping a graceful dancer in mid-air takes perfect timing. For sporting events, championships, tournaments, meets, invitationals and more, Digital Sports Photography (DSP) provides high quality action photos for ALL the participants. We are also available to do award photos where needed!In fact, we have been doing action photography for so long many of the "athletes" we once photographed, we now are photographing there kids. 

We are always interested in photographing your league or organization regardless of the sport! Some of the sports we have worked with over the past 17 years include hockey, baseball, dance, cheer leading, equestrian, lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming.

How it Works

DSP will come to your event and set up a photo booth production area. At our photo booth we provide 10 viewing stations where parents, athletes or spectators may view ALL photos taken thru out the event. Our complete digital workflow system allows within minutes of shooting the event easy access to those captured action photos along with posed, awards, group and team photos are accessible for immediate on-site viewing and printing.

At our photo both as a parent, athlete or spectator you will be able to view actual samples of our large array of personalized photo products, various templates with optional in-house laminating, dry mounting and framing services. We provided unique custom sport posters at all events we attend, designed around the type of sport - and no two are exactly alike. Visit us at the photo booth and we'll design an action poster for your athlete.

If you are a Sports Team, League or an Athletic Event organizer, contact us to learn how we can help you with our value-added services.

Why Choose Us?

Locally owned (we are not a franchise).

Friendly staff members and experienced photographers.

​ Professional camera equipment are used.

On-site Viewing and Printing.

Competitive pricing and packages to accommodate every budget with a full range of quality products.

Custom Graphics: Products customized with athlete's name, team logo, color and year.

High quality products customized to your athletes sport.

Fully insured and 100% Photo Quality Guarantee.

We are also available to do award photos where needed!

Our primary goal is only to contributing to the success of your event with quality sports photo products and service for participants, parents, spectators and organizers alike. It requires absolutely no effort on the part of tournament organizers. We are entirely self-contained and take care of everything. All we need is a schedule.  

  • It’s Free!!!
  • It’s Fun!
  • You don't have to do anything!

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