Preparing For Photo Day


We recognize the busy schedule most parents today keep and time is not a luxury to be wasted. As your photographer we aim to make your Photo Day easy, quick and as stress free as possible with these simple guidelines for coaches, managers and parents.

Arrive Early
Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled picture time. Upon arrival, gather your team and stay together as a group. Send a team rep over to check in with our staff once most of your team has arrived. However if waiting on few members to arrive we’ll start on your player’s individual pictures at your scheduled picture time. If players are still missing just prior to your team picture, you can then elect to wait for them.

Product Display and Sales Table
We bring a sales table with plenty of samples, extra order forms and some friendly staff to answer questions or help place / collect orders.

Questions and Help
Our friendly attendants will be available to assist you with any questions or if you need help.

Player Prep Staging Area
Before players enter the staging area please double check:
1) Jerseys are tucked
2) Strings are tucked into pants
3) Faces are clean
4) Hats and/or hair is in place

Keep players in line shortest to tallest
While waiting in the photography area, coaches and managers is your responsibility to keep the players in an orderly line. The line should be single file, shortest to tallest.

Players, Coaches and Manager Only in the Photography Area
We ask that only players and coaches enter the photography area. We understand that some younger players may need additional assistance from their parents but we ask that this be kept to a minimum. Any parents within the photo area are there to help the coach with all of the players, not just one. Keeping the area free of congestion allows for a smoother operation and results in an easy, quick and stress free Photo Day.

Please No Parent Photography
Parents are not allowed to take pictures within the photo area. This distracts the players, slows down the process and potentially reduces the quality of the photographs, if players are looking away at the parents. Please respect this policy and allow us the opportunity to make the best possible photographs in an undistracted environment

Have Questions?

If you have questions contact us at

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